Mitchell Building 5th Floor Renovation at a Glance       

  • This renovation is a rediscovery of the splendor of the Mitchell Building’s 5th floor.  The ceiling and upper 1/3 of the windows had been covered by a drop ceiling since 1935.  The renovation has exposed the original stone pillars, the terracotta ceiling, and the full length of the 7-foot tall curved windows.   The goal is to restore and enhance the beauty and utilization of the space for use by a long-term office tenant.
  • Outcomes:
    • Remodeled floor will be highly energy efficient while adhering to historic preservation standards.
    • Spacious “open concept” floor will balance modern look with unique historic details in order to serve as the nerve center for Laughlin/Constable’s creative practice.
    • Accommodation of 41 new employees for Laughlin/Constable Inc.
  •  J. Jeffers & Co. Role: Developer, Owner, and Manager

Project Summary

Comprehensive renovation includes demolition of non-historic building systems and remodeling of the Mitchell Building’s 5th floor, totaling approximately 8,400 gross square feet. The project has been approved by the National Park Service for preservation compliance. The project scope includes facade repairs in the light court area, replacement of internal roof conductors, insulation of the mansard roofing, implementation of a new energy efficient HVAC system, and upgrade of fire & life safety systems, including a partial sprinklering of the building. The original main chimney has been converted into a building chase for location of risers, ducting and other infrastructure. The original terra cotta ceiling and ornamental plaster will be restored, adding unmatched architectural interest to the floor.



Mitchell Building – 5th Floor Renovations
207 E Michigan Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Project Schedule
Commenced: March 2014
Completed: February 2015 (Expected)

Project Architect
Continuum Architects

Project Engineer
Eagle Design

General Contractor
Jack Brill General Contracting